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I. The Financialisation of the Economy

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II. Investment, Employment and Working Conditions

Rural Nonfarm Enterprises Diversification, Farm Income and Consumption Expenditure in different agroecological zones of India: Evidence from Longitudinal Farm Households

This paper examines the determinants of livelihood diversification of farm households in rural nonfarm enterprises (NFEs) and its effects on their farm income and consumption expenditure in different agroecological zones in rural India using panel probit analysis (random effect) and …

The Green Economy: a Technological option against economic crisis?

The global economic crisis is long-lasting and seems without prospects. The ‘green economy’ proposes an alternative basket of products with respect to the standard one that is actually available for consumption in the 21st century industrial economies. Is it the …

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III. Social, Economic and Political Imbalances

Income Inequalities, Public Debt And Social Cohesion: A Postkeynesian-Institutional Approach

This paper aims at discussing the links existing between the increasing income inequality on the global scale and the processes of financialization, with particular reference to the increase of public debt. It will be argued that i) the increase of …

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IV. Institutional Challenges and Alternatives

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