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Arturo Hermann

Arturo Hermann is a Senior Research Fellow at the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), Rome, Italy. In his main research fields — Institutional and Keynesian Economics, Theories of Social Justice, Political Economy, Sustainable Development, also considered in their relations with psychology and psychoanalysis — he has authored six books and numerous articles in scholarly Journals.

He is a member of important economics associations and regularly participate in their Conferences and activities.

Maria Alejandra Madi

Maria Alejandra Madi is Chair of the World Economics Association Conferences Programme and co-editor of the WEA Pedagogy Blog. In addition to a long-term professorship at UNICAMP, Brazil (1983- 2013), her career includes visiting professorships at the University of Manitoba (2008) and the University of Kassel (2010). More recently she co-edited some of the WEA books: The economics curriculum: toward a radical reformulation, Ideas toward a new international financial architecture? and Capital and Justice. She also co-edited some of the Green Economic Institute books: The Greening of Global Finance, besides Value, Valuation, Valuing and Green Investment, Green Economy & Green Finance. Her recent authored books include Global finance and Development; Small Business in Brazil: competitive global challenges and Pluralist Readings in economics: key concepts and policy tools for the 21st century. Her recent co-authored book is Introducing a New Economics: Progressive, Pluralist, Sustainable (Pluto, 2017)